1. Debbie Holder January 19, 2018

    Great story David. The article is very interesting reading.
    Garry & Debbie

  2. Woody January 19, 2018

    What they didn’t say was how much fun we all have had on these adventures.
    Well done Dave !!!

  3. Ross Bird January 30, 2018

    Hi Dave cracking good story about Driving Adventures and your background and passion for cars. Some good advertising for your business which is doing well. I remember meeting you at a drive day (BMW or Merc) that Kirk Marks put on and had the pleasure of joining you in a car where you taught a few of the young blokes a lesson about cornering when you took them on the inside at turn 2 at Eastern Creek. Quite an interesting maneuver! Keep up the good work. I know I keep saying I’ll be along but work and weekend commitments keep getting in the way.


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